Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Story you won't forget

I spent 2 hours on Sunday afternoon catching up on this story. I couldn't move from my seat. I couldn't turn my eyes from the page.

Here is a 20 minute clip of their story. It's worth your time...

A story so heart wrenching, yet so full of faith. A woman able to write her journey of pain and hope. A mother's strong.

She needs our prayers. Visit Angie's blog to read more of their story.


Dotwigg said...

Oh,that touched me... this may ramble, I can hardly see the keys from the tears. What an amazing story, what a testimony to Faith and trusting God. Angie really had a great point "God does not have plan B's and .. He can handle our "true" feelings our anger and disappointment, our begging Him to heal us or remove the struggle"
Thank you for sharing this amazing witness and testimony to the power and providence of our God.

Carol said...

I can't go again now. I'm afraid of being sucked in. I did read a lot of it the other day. She is an inspiration. I can't even imagine.

LAURIE said...

I have some of it. It is truly an amazing story and no doubt another example of how this whole bloggy world thing is a blessing. Who knows who might read her story and need to know that in spite of the tragedies that God still cares. thanks for sharing today. -God bless, Laurie

kmom3 said...

What an amazing testimony. The picture of all of them together, and they are all smiling just touched me so much. Thanks so much for sharing this, Cheri.
They truly are an inspiration!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

What a

thanks for sharing.