Friday, August 28, 2009

Growing Old

How hard it must be to grow old. I am somewhat sad today as my mother helps my grandma go through her things. She is moving into an assisted living facility where there is no room for decades of memories. I imagine, as she sits in her chair in front of her dresser, that she too is sad.

How fondly she looks at that necklace, so fragile and beautiful. Or the lamp that sits atop that she bought 30 years ago when she traveled with a loved one. And that bottle of perfume that will always remind me of the way she smells. The beautiful crochet doily her grandmother made. What about the pictures of family all over her house that have to be packed and given away. I wonder if she looks at each one and remembers.

I would love to hear the stories behind them all, and I bet she's looking at those pictures thinking... 'what a great life I've had'.

There is one thing that consoles my heart today. I am certain that my grandmother will spend eternity in heaven when God calls her home. And when that day comes she will take nothing with her but her soul.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Please pray!!!

If you go a couple posts back and click on the picture you'll be able to get an update on Stellan. Please pray for him and spread the word if you can. Things aren't looking good for this precious baby.

Please Lord, don't take this baby from his Mama.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Please!!!! Click the picture below and pray for this beautiful baby boy.
Prayers for Stellan

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Choice of Words

We put away all our Christmas things this past weekend. After a couple of days my son walked into the room where we had the Christmas tree and said,"It's so lonely in here." I said,"Yeah...empty, huh?"

As I sat there for a while longer my thoughts returned to his choice of words. LONELY?...because the Christmas tree is gone? I am fascinated by the feeling he had when walking into the room. Most people just say,"It looks empty".

The two words are synonyms for each other. They mean pretty much the same thing so I'm not sure why I keep thinking about what he said.

Just goes to show you how differently kids look at things.