Monday, May 5, 2008

...and the dog got a haircut...

I used to be a clean freak. Some of those who know me well still think I am, but that I have chilled out a little. I can honestly say there wouldn't have been a time when you could drop by and my house didn't smell like it had just been mopped.

Some say that might be a good thing. I say it took away time from my kids. It also didn't allow my kids to be kids because I couldn't let their toys lie around for too long.

I thought this was how I was supposed to run my house, that if I was a stay at home mom then my house had to be pristine. Over the last couple of years God had laid it on my heart that I wasn't letting my kids be kids. I was always hollering to pick this up or don't do that.

Now, you will find crumbs under my kitchen table- if the dog hasn't been under there to lap them up. Yes, I did just say dog. I have NEVER been a pet person- the smell, the hair! But, we got one for the kids this past Christmas. And that, has taken some time to get used to. For me it's like standing at the open door of the airplane at 15,000 feet waiting for someone to push you out the door. One of those things you have to force yourself to do.

But again, God has been faithful in getting me through this one too. He is my parachute. When I feel like taking the dog to the pound(which is at least once a day), I hear him say, "He won't be a puppy forever." That and the fact that I just got this dog's hair buzzed to 1/4 of an inch is helping me a great deal!

In the meantime, I pray that my house doesn't smell like a dog and that no one finds a hair in their food!

Here's Ralphie- before and after the buzz!!'s best for all involved!


Deborah said...

Oh that picture is so sad ......
and so funny!'s always good to start the day with a laugh!

Christina said...

Cute dog. I think I could live with a cute dog like this.

I am the same way as you. I really believed it was my job to constantly clean since I was home. Anyway I have laid up a little, but control of the household environment is hard to give up. For me it really is a control issue.

Carol said...

Oh my goodness. You know how much I am like you? So much! My kids want a dog so bad it is pitiful. I just can't agree yet. No yet. No, not just yet.

DeAnna said...

That poor dog!!!! I am very proud that you have joined the ranks of others of us who have just resigned ourselves to believe that the dust CAN wait.

kmom3 said...

We get our dog buzzed as well! She sheds like CRAZY, and if we don't keep her clipped it's like we could make dozens of Maggies from her hair in the corners and under the furniture. Ugh.
She's a sweet dog. If only she didn't smell or shed! :) Perhaps you and I will meet up one day at the pound. Just kidding.:)

Jenifer said...

Hey, sweet friend. Ralphie is adorable! What is he? I'm trying to sweet talk my husband into getting our kids a golden.

I used to be the same way with my house. Now, I think I may have gone too far in the other direction. HA!HA!

How are you doing? Missed not chatting with you last week. My life has finally slowed down a little; at least for now.


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Oh!!! I hear you with the pet thing! Thank goodness we have a dog that doesn't shed!

Christy said...

You are a better mom than I. My kids have begged for a dog for the longest. My husband and I are both animal people. I just afraid that a pet will reak havoc in my home, and I can't see myself getting a pet only to keep it outside all day. I think that I have enough people to clean up for. I feel horribly selfish now, for saying so. Ralphie is adorable! I'm so proud of you for being patient as God has asked you to be with your precious pup.

LAURIE said...

I AM a clean freak...thus why I have my own cleaning service business! We have two dogs so I very much can relate to what you are saying...but sometimes I have to just let things go alittle so I don't drive everyone else (who are definetly NOT OCD like me)crazy and mad! - always love your post, Laurie

Ceci said...

I totally relate to the feeling that being home equals constant cleaning. I feel guilty if my house is a mess still at 11am, after the kids have been gone for several hours.

Thanks for the prayers about the weight loss. I got good foods in the house today, and we took an hour long walk at the park today while the three older kids were at school. Baby slept the whole way!

I hope to start blogging more regularly soon. I just can't seem to get enough time to sit and write something powerful for the Master right now. And that has always been the point for me to blog.

MaryLu said...

Oh my! Poor Ralphie!!
I can't do a dog yet, trying to keep 5 kids alive is enough for me right now.
And there are crumbs under my table too, just so you don't feel too bad!

Darlene said...

Oh My! This is too funny! I have been out of touch the last several days and this is just what I needed today!
Thanks for sharing!