Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here's what's going on today!

Good morning everyone. Today is national child go to work day, and since Dallas didn't want to go to work with her Dad (which I will explain), she will stay home with me to see what I do while she's at school all day.

Her Dad sales beef, and when he informed her that they BBQ up some cow gut and other things for the kids to try, she happily declined! I do believe I would've done the same!! So, since she is home with me today we will be getting a lot of laundry done, and of course some house cleaning!

But, I also want her to try writing a devotion since this is something else I do. She will be giving this a try later on today, maybe this afternoon, so I do hope you will check back to see what she will post here!

Let's all come back and get inspired by an ALMOST 12 year old young lady!!


kmom3 said...

What a great idea to have her write a devtion, Cheri! :)
You are such a great mom!


Deborah said...

I look forward to reading it!

LAURIE said...

How cool!!!love Laurie