Friday, April 18, 2008

Trip down memory lane....

Today I went back in time. I'm remembering my 10th or 11th birthday party where I opened up the greatest gift I had ever gotten.

It was a .......ghetto blaster!! I believe the preferred choice now is an ipod. :) Oh, but my ghetto blaster ROCKED, and along with it came a particular tape that I oh, so enjoyed! (more on that later)

Mom and Dad, I'd like to say thanks again for those gifts - I thought I was the coolest chic in town!......

This all came flooding back today while on my way to taking my son to the orthodontist. A certain song from this tape came on the radio. I started singing loudly when my son said," Mom would you puh-leez turn the station." I said,"But this is a classic" to which he replied, "Yeah, I can tell."

Uh- hello, can you say reality check!!

Oh well- I am who I am, right?!!!

Anyway, here is a link to the song. And ladies, you might want to put some dancin' shoes on so you can work off some of those unwanted calories. It's the perfect time right....good music and exercise...the two really do go hand in hand! ENJOY!!

Oh, come on ya' know your head was bobbin and you were twitchin your shoulders!!! ;)


kmom3 said...

I even remember that video! :)
Thanks, Cheri! Too great!
Hope you have a super weekend!
Love you,

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

THAT is so funny! I haven't thought about that song in a LONG time! :)

Jenifer said...

Love the hair-dos! Ya know, sometimes we just need to let our hair down, relax and have a little fun. Thanks for the reminder.


How are you doing today? :)

Laura said...

haha...that was good. I always tell my kids one day their kids will make fun of them, too!

Carol said...

OH GIRLFRIEND!!! You just brought back so many memories just with two words "ghetto blaster." I haven't heard to it referred to as that in a long time. And I have that song on my ipod now. I LOVE that song. I made up some serious dance moves to that one back in the day. And what about the movie with that title? It is one of my favorites!!! If you haven't seen it, look it up. It has a young Sarah Jessica Parker.