Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's all about the hike

Since we're on the subject of dogs, I'll share a cute story with you.

It was Justin's turn to take Ralphie, our dog, out for a walk. He came back in overjoyed, saying "He's a real dog now!!"

" What do you mean?" asked Dallas, our daughter. Justin replied, " He hiked his leg for the first time when he went to the bathroom!"

My son had some how associated the hiking of a leg to becoming a "real dog." I started thinking about how Ralphie's actions had proven to my son that he is what he is--a dog. What Ralphie had done is what dogs are "supposed to do."

Makes you think about how people are watching us as Christians. Do our actions tell them who or what we are? Are we acting like we are Christians? Are we showing others that we walk the walk and not just talk the talk?

Funny what can bring God to mind...


kmom3 said...

hee hee!
So funny and so true!
I really do need to be aware of what my life says about me. Oh, and I will be sure I don't go around hiking my leg...don't wanna be taken for a dog! :)
Love you!

MaryLu said...

Wow, good analogy! Are we hikin'?

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

GREAT word picture here!!! Very true....

Dotwigg said...

that was priceless! :) and I needed that chuckle.

M (ade)
I (nto)
L (ife)
E (ternally with Him)

DeAnna said...

Oh, I love it!!!

LAURIE said...

Hey Cheri, I tried to leave a comment but something happened, so if this is duplicated you know why.

I love your analogy of the dog, isn't it amazing how we can use almost anything in our blogs!

Thanks for your comment on my TT. I wanted to let you know that we are having a great visit with our son. Thanks for asking - this is not is final leave before he goes to Korea. He came home because next week my husband is getting ordained at the Arkansas District Ordination Ceremony and then on Friday my other son is graduating from High School. He has to go back to the base next Saturday. He will then be home next July for a couple of weeks and then he will fly out of Memphis for Korea. (frown frown)

Thanks for asking and have a wonderful Mothers Day! -love, Laurie

Carol said...

Good thought!

Laura said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Mother's Day! Praying you have a wonderful, relaxing day!!!

LAURIE said...


Christina said...

So true. It is funny what God can bring to mind. How funny that he associated the hiked leg with being a real dog. That one made me laugh out loud!

Jenifer said...

Hey girl. I've just got to tell you a funny about a dog and a hike. When I was growing up we had a black lab named Jake. He was the best dog in the whole world. Anyway, one day several distant relatives came to visit. They were the ones who were on the prim and proper side of the family. One of them had on a white dress with a wide brimmed white hat. She looked like she was dressed to go a British noon tea with the queen. Well, my dear family was just "good ole' country folk" with a big black dog. When the prims and propers got out of their cars, Jake sniffed around and looked at them as if to say,"I think you are in the wrong place, sister." About 30 minutes went by and Jake came over to the gal dressed in all white, hiked his leg, and proceeded to pee all over her. Yes ma'm he did. He peed for what seemed like an eternity. Of course we were all mortified. Her response, spoken in a very prim and proper southern accent, "Well. I think that dwag just peed on my leg." While never cracking a smile, she summoned all her people with the wave of a little white hanky, and they all got in their cars and drove off into the wide blue yonder. To this day I have yet to see or hear from them. As they drove off we couldn't help but laugh our heads off. I think the dog even laughed. :)

Love your analogy! Blessings friend.

Cheri said...

Hey Jenifer,

That's good stuff!! :)