Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not paying attention

So, this is what happens when you let your 2 year old watch you paint his sisters toenails and then take said sister to a school function while leaving him at home with his daddy and older brother-who are playing a video game!

Ya'll, this was not found out until we walked back in the door. I guess when they heard the garage door open "the boys" decided to get up and see where my baby was. He greeted us all at the steps looking like this.

All I could do was look at my husband and say... nice. Then, I venture off to find what he had gotten into. Fingernail polish! On his eyes!! He must have watched me put eyeshadow on before and even his eyelashes were pink. He did try doing his toenails too but I couldn't get a shot that wasn't real blurry, so you only get his face painting.

Funny thing is he found this polish in a different place than where he saw me put mine away.

The good Lord was looking out for my hubby though...there wasn't a speck of fingernail polish anywhere else but on my baby. Oh yes ya'll, the sweet Lord was DEFINITELY looking out for my hubby!!! :)


kmom3 said...

hee hee!
I am glad there wasn't nail polish everywhere! My, oh my!
The adventures of parenting! :)

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

GIRL!!!! THAT is one beautiful little boy! Even with polish on his face! That is so funny!

LAURIE said...

that is hilarious!!! definetly a "keeper" memory to talk about for years to come.

Deborah said...'s so much funnier when someone else's child does these things!
What a sweetheart...even with the face paint!

Jenifer said...

That is too funny! How did you get it off his eyes- the polish?

Ceci said...

He's so adorable! I wish I knew where the picture of my baby girl (okay...she's not my "baby" anymore...she's almost 12!) after her first try at lipstick. I think she was 23 months at the time. I think she got it everywhere BUT her lips, including the bathroom sink, counter, and mirror! And it was my favorite MaryKay lipstick too...sigh!

I forgot how time-consuming and energy draining having a newborn in the house was! I haven't been keeping up with anyone's blog...even mine LOL.

Blessings! I pray for you anyway!

Joanne said...

Ahhh the joys of parenting. What a blessing to now have the picture that you can use in his senior yearbook.

Joanne :O)

Stephanie said...

Hi Cheri,
Thanks for visiting my blog last Saturday, yes last week! I am sorry to be so late getting here~summer break really snuck up on me. So, I am way behind on blogging and visiting.

I am relieved for your husband that there wasn't nail polish anywhere else, but I bet he is still in the dog house. You sure do have a colorful kid! So cute!!!
When my son was about the same age, he got into one of my inkpads called StazOn. It really lives up to its name because it doesn't come off. He had black arms and legs!! Unfortunately, that was right before we left for family pictures. Haha!

Jess said...

i just can't believe it didn't get anywhere else. yeah for that, at least! this sounds exactly like something that would happen at my house---


Melanie said...

What a great story of mischief -- or at least it's great if you're the reading it and not the one that came home to it! :)

By the way, that is one cute little boy!

Christina said...

Oh I've had this experience. My hubby and my boys do the same thing, I come in from the store and says "where's Darrian?" and they look at me like they just remembered we have another kid. It's funny how the little one's know this too. I think as soon as mom pulls out of the driveway they get real quiet until the guys no longer remember they are in the room and then they slip out and thats that. He does look cute and didn't get it in his eyes so that is a blessing. And yes thank God he did not get it anywhere else because I am sure, like me, you would of freaked out. So yes hubby should thank God, immediately, in case the little guy hid some somewhere else you find many months later.

Carol said...

This is too funny! And he looks just like YOU!!! So glad it didn't get on the carpet!

Rebecca said...

What a cutie!!!

DeAnna said...

Wonders never cease to amaze me at what can happen when mom is gone even for just a few minutes.