Friday, February 29, 2008

Where will you go?

The Judgment

As I sit here in this quiet room
I ponder the world outside
It seems as if everyone
has something they want to hide

You think no one will ever know
your secrets deep inside
So to help ease your conscience
by the Ten Commandments do abide

For there is someone who knows the hidden
all those things done out of sight
And He only wants to love you
love you with all His might

So when finally you hear His voice
please do not turn away
Just ask Him into your heart
and there He will stay

I know He will be patient
while this decision you do make
But do not put it off to long
someday it will be to late

You see life is full of choices
and what you choose is hard to tell
So let me ask you this my friend
Will you spend eternity in heaven or in hell?

-- Cheri Nace 2003--

all rights reserved


Amy Wyatt said...

I loved this.

Thank you for the mention yesterday. I didn't realize that you didn't know Spencer's testimony.
I can't wait to read your post on WI. We miss you guys!

kmom3 said...

This is so great, Cheri!
I love coming by here! You are so sweet, so humble, so honest. You are a blessing to "know"!
Hope you have a terrific weekend!
Lots of love,

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

This was beautiful.

Carol said...

Awesome!! I hope you have a great weekend!

Laurie Adams said...

thank you cheri for commenting on my blog . Your words brought a tear to my eye as did all of the comments that were encouraging me. I thought I would check out your blogpage and I found out that we have ALOT in common! All those movies you mentioned are also my favorites and praise the Lord the one connecting common factor is that we both love the Lord and I am always finding joy in finding new friends in the Lord! God bless you!

Amy Wyatt said...

Hey... I just saw your devotion on Faith Lifts... Way to go!!!

Mariel said...

beautiful! thank you for sharing this!