Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's rising up all around!

I was just over here at Lisa TerKeurst's blog. As I was reading what she wrote today, I had this overwhelming sense of excitement come over me. I left basically this same message on her commments. Some of you might think I'm a bit crazy, perhaps a nut even....but that's okay by me!!

I feel like God is going to do something big here. That these blogs aren't just our blogs. People are reading them. Ones that don't know the Lord.

Go here and see Carol, and then when you are done there, go here and see Kimberly. His Love is rising up, ladies. His love is rising up!!

Everyone of us has a purpose in God's master plan. I am praying that God will reveal our part to us and that we will have the faith to live it out. There are some great adventures to be had. I just know it!!

John 10:27
My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

God please let us listen to your voice. Help us to do whatever you ask us to do. I am so excited! God just speak to us!! In Jesus' name, AMEN


Annette said...

I'm visiting your blog via your comment on Lysa's blog. I loved your comment, and I totally agree that God is raising women up everywhere to stand for Him. What a way to get the message out...via women writing down their journey's with their Savior! Amazing. And to think I went to college with an electronic typewriter and the internet was nowhere in sight!

kmom3 said...

It is exciting, isn't it? To be able to use the internet to share the love of Jesus. We hear so much on the news about the awful things you can come across on the computer. But I have been so excited to find so many women who truly love the Lord and are telling the world online!
You are a blessing!