Wednesday, February 13, 2008


When my husband had an opportunity to move closer to home with a different company, we took it. We wanted to be closer to family so our children could grow up with them. It has been great in that aspect of things.

But, I have missed all my friends back in Georgia a great deal. Our church family quickly became our family away from home. My husband and I grew in Christ ten fold in the 3 years we lived there. We were strong in Christ; felt like nothing could stop us.

Since we moved, my relationship with God suffered probably more than anything. For the longest time I just didn't care. We couldn't find a church. Not one that could compare to that of where we went in Georgia. We felt defeated.

It wasn't until a few months ago that God said to me, " It doesn't matter where you are or what you do, I can use you." I began to pray that God would help us to find a church that He wanted us to be in. We had visited this one a couple of times when finally I knew this was it. There isn't a Sunday that goes by that I don't cry sitting there in church. I feel Jesus there, you know? I either feel good about what I am doing or I feel convicted about what I'm not doing. That, to me, says you need to be here.

I still struggle though, because I haven't dug in deep. I haven't joined a Sunday school class or any bible studies. I don't know anyone there but my son's school teacher. Please pray for me that I will get back into things again so I can meet some people. You see, I have lived here for a year and have not made one friend here in the area. I have a friend that lives about 40 minutes away but that is a pretty good distance to get together very often. I have good friends from all over but they are not here with me. They are far off in some town we used to live in. We have moved on an average of every two years. Frankly, it is quite exhausting sometimes. It's hard and this is all so new to me because I have never had trouble making friends. But, real...true friends are hard to find.

God has shown me this today....loneliness is everywhere, even if you have a multitude of friends nearby. He has shown me that there are people who need my friendship. People who may not know the Lord. So I am asking God, once again, to reveal them to me.... here in this place where I am now.

Instead of wishing I could find a friend, I am going to be one. My door is wide open and I'm on the lookout!


DeAnna said...

Cheri, you are exactly right! We can't sit back and pout because "no one wants to play with us". We need to be the ones sitting in the sandbox saying "come play with me". I will pray that God will point you in the right direction for that friend. He will reveal "the one" soon enough, and it will be a blessing beyond measure.

Carol said...

I just want to hug you! EEWWW! That was the noise of me giving you a big squeeze. The Lord will send you friends. Just ask Amy. She said that "same" thing when she moved here. You will be such a blessing to someone's life and they don't even know it yet!

kmom3 said...

Cheri, I have been in your same position. We have moved twice since being married, both times far enough to totally mess with my friendships! But God is so faithful. He has heard your prayers, just as He heard mine! I will be praying for you that He will richly bless your life as He has mine after each move!
Happy Valentine's Day, sweet lady!

Amy Wyatt said...

I miss you so much! Carol is right though. The Lord has a special friend just for just have to be on the look out for her. I'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Cheri,
I know how you feel.
I've lived in Georgia for about a year and Still have very Few friends. You know how hard it is for me to make them.
BUT for someone Not to love you at first meeting is just Crazy. I don't know what there people are thinking. :)
I love you so and as long as you have family you really don't need anyone else.
And I will pray for you and hope you make some heartwarming friends.