Monday, February 4, 2008

I will follow

I have felt so frustrated lately and I can't seem to put my finger on exactly why.

But, my heart is aching.

Where are you, God? And why can't I hear Your voice?

I use to hear You whisper to me all the time. It feels like such a long time ago.

Am I hearing and just not obeying? I so desperately want things to change.

I dig into your word but still can't seem to get rid of this ache.

I want to be used by You so badly. Am I not worthy? I want to work for you, Lord.

Please God, show me the way. I promise I am listening. I will follow where You lead me.

Change me, Lord. Change me....


Amy Wyatt said...

Keep praying girl. He will answer.

Carol said...

Okay, you have GOT to go buy the book Listening for God by Marilyn Hontz. It is INCREDIBLE! Here is just a little excerpt from Chapter8. This is exactly what you are talking about....

Marilyn says, "Something happened to me a couple of years after I began to be disciplined in prayer. I was going along, enjoying my time of sharing back and forth with my heavenly Father, when for some unknown reason, I could no longer "feel" God when I prayed.....My journals from that time describe my emotions...'I wonder where God is?' I wrote. I knew in my head God was there, but I kept asking him, 'Why can't I feel you Father? Why can't I see you in this darkness?'...The Lord was teaching me, through prayer, to depend on Him for who He is and not for how I feel about him...I discovered that God often speaks the loudest in His silence."

Is that not incredible? Go to amazon NOW and buy this book!

kmom3 said...

Thanks for coming by my place. I was reading through your posts and this one just struck me. Please do not feel alone. I think we have all faced those times when we wonder where He is. Eventhough I don't know you, I will be lifting you up. May He blanket you with His love today!