Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is love?

Love is...

#9...dangling red hearts

Love is~ #10...red roses to his love

Love is~ #11...valentine's from school

Love is~ #12...red masking tape roses made for his mama

Love is~ #13...reminders of what to do

Love is~ #14...red heart valentine's made at school displayed high above door frames

Love is~ #15...homemade valentine from his wife that sets on his bedside table

Love is~ #16...words that remind me to slow and see

Love is~ #17...roses from her daddy(the one who raised her)reminding her the true love of a father...a man

Not all love is red, I know.
It's right there already highlighted in my husband's Bible.

Do you see it right there in black and white? GOD IS LOVE. And I think it over, and yes, this love is red too. Blood red.

#18...this love hangs

#19...and His love is all around

So look and SEE and count the ways he loves...

(says Ann Voskamp)

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Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Cheri, (I tried emailing you but couldn't find an email here. This is in response to your blog comment over at my place today.)

I have a dear friend who has no contact with her two daughters. She remarried and there was lots of chaos and drama. It didn’t help that she became a Christian and married a Christian – the kids bio-dad is not. So, where else do you think the kids want to live than with the ‘fun’ dad. No rules or boundaries there.

My friend cries every time I see her. It makes me so sad and well, mad too. I wish I could change things for her. I wish I could shake her daughters.

God promises us so much. I believe He will bring those girls around in time, when they’re older and wiser.

I know you’re circumstances may be nothing like this, but I have seen the pain my friend goes through. Hang in there. Grieve and then focus on the ministry at hand-your husband and children there. God will make all things new in time, His time.

Praying for you today friend. (Rev. 21:5)