Thursday, March 13, 2008

Parked outside and asking, "Why?"

Yesterday I had my mom's day out, three hours of peace and quiet!! My plan was to do some shopping for spring clothes for the boys. Dallas and I had went shopping for her this past weekend so she was already taken care of, for a few weeks anyway! :)

How I ended up where I did could have only been the work of God. There I was parked in front of a pre-teen girl's clothing store that I had told Dallas 3 years ago I would never go back to.(much to her dismay I might add!) True to my word we had not been back. I felt their clothes were totally inappropriate for the age they sell to.

So, why was I sitting here waiting for them to open? God had prompted me to go there.

Once inside, there was a Hannah Montana song and video playing on the TV that I thought Dallas needed to hear. If you have not read this post it would help you understand what I'm about to say. Dallas had a very bad night the day she gave that note to Ashley and she didn't get much sleep. She has been ridiculed at school for giving that note to the girl that is having so many troubles. They are making fun of her for befriending her and " even caring that Ashley is alive."

Yes, folks, that's right. These young children actually said that to Dallas. Kids are sooo cruel! Thank you Lord, that Dallas has a good core group of friends that she can turn to.

Anyway, the song that was playing is called Make Some Noise. It reiterated everything I had tried to tell Dallas the night before. She has to make a choice to stand up for God and care for all people....that is what God calls us to do. One thing that stuck out about the song was when she sang the words --no one can take your place in this world. How true it is. I thought, I'll buy her that CD- but it was twice as much there than it would have been anywhere else, so I meandered over to the sale rack. That's when God's purpose for me being there came to light.

Out of the blue the sales lady says, " Are you ready for Easter?"
" Yes," I replied. "Are you?"

She said, " No, I just can't find anything to give to my kids. I want to do something different than an Easter basket, you know? I want to do something that has meaning. My sister says that Easter is more important than Christmas but that people don't recognize that because everything is so commercialized these days. And ya know, I think she's right, don't you?"

I said, " Yes, I think she is right."

Okay ladies, at this point I know that God placed me here. People don't normally just walk up to you and start asking questions about Jesus and was our only topic of conversation. I
wasn't wearing an I love Jesus T-shirt or anything. It was definetly a God thing!

So, as I'm thumbing through all the clothes I'm thinking....okay God, what is it I'm supposed to say...please give me the right words. My mind is searching for a cool gift idea for her to give her kids instead of an Easter basket. Nothing is coming to me. I continue to wander around as she talks about how they had visited this non-denominational church once and she liked the music they played. I told her about the band at our church and that I thought they were awesome, and then it came to me. Ding... Ding...Ding!! DUH!! Invite her and her family to go to church with you.

Now I'm thinking okay you gotta purchase something so you can get up there and write all your info down. I knew I was not going to spend $40 on a shirt my daughter would outgrow after she wore it 3 times (though I did notice that all of their clothes were very age appropriate now... Dallas will be thrilled!) so I decided to get the high dollar CD. I felt good about spending that money though!

I went to pay and invited her to church. I wrote down all the info., our phone number, the name of the church, and introduced myself. Her name is Robin. I don't know if she will call or not, it may have just been a test from God to see if I would obey.

It brought this verse to mind:

For you, O God, tested us; you refined us like silver
Psalms 66:10

What I do know is that God was there with me...He was watching! I do hope she calls, but if that was not his plan then I will still be joyous, because I did what he asked me to do. There have been times I have not this and it has cost me dearly.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to serve you. Please continue to refine me like silver. I pray that you will find me fit enough to use me anytime and every time. I am listening, Lord. In Jesus' name and all according to your will, Amen.


DeAnna said...

It seems that God is using that song in more than one place lately. You will have to read my post for Amy's Then Sings My Soul Saturdays this week.

Keep shining for Jesus, girlfriend! Make Some Noise!!!

Christina said...

Awesome post. Really made me think. I love Hannah Montana. I have to admit I have the Cd and even play it when the kids aren't in the van and I watch the show too. She is such a nice girl.

Anyway I will pray for Robin and her family and I think that is so cool that God put you in this place right where someone needed you to be.

Kids can be so cruel especially little girls, but I guess this lesson is a good one for Dallas. The real world can be harsh but you can still stand up for your beliefs and not only will your true friends stand by you, but somehow what you did is all in God's plan and someday this will all work out for the good of Him. Thank God there are little girls out there like Dallas who's kindness may have an impact on Ashley's little life. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday. Way to go Dallas!!!!!! You are an inspiration to all the little girls out there.

kmom3 said...

I love your heart to serve Him! I know He will and is using you in mighty ways for His kingdom!
Thanks for the encouragement and reminder to be ready and willing!
Love ya,
K :)

Mariel said...

How awesome to be used of the Lord...what a blessing it is when we stop to take notice it really is ALL about Him and His kingdom!

Laurie Adams said...

Your post today reminds me that so many times God gives us opportunities but sadly enough most of the time we miss seeing the opportunities! Way to go girl for touching someone in such a special way...Don't be surprised to see Robin walk in service Easter Sunday!!

kmom3 said...

Your comment blessed me tremendously! I would so love it if we lived closer to one another and could meet! But I am glad we have the hope...the knowledge...the assurance we will be praisin' Him together some day! And I am gonna give your neck one big ol' hug! :)

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Oh Cheri! That is obedience living there girlfriend. I believe God is going to knock your socks off for obeying Him in this!

I'm still praying for Dallas and Ashley. Such a tough age. I can only imagine what God has planned for Dallas.


Jenifer said...

God has so been working this same thing in me lately- total obedience. With every little nudge and every soft whisper from the Father we are to completely surrender ourselves to whatever He is asking of us even when we don't understand.

You are such a blessing to me! I've added you to my list of places I love to visit.

Have an awesome Jesus filled day, sweet friend!

BethAnne said...

I pray she calls!

Amy Wyatt said...

Wow, Cheri! This was so awesome. You are being so obedient and the Lord is using you! Isn't it awesome? I'm seriously considering the "I love Jesus" t-shirt, though. ;)

Jessica said...

wow. i felt like i was there with you. wonderful, wonderful post...i hope robin comes to church but even if she doesn't - you planted a seed.



Andrea said...

cheri - that is a great story! And, it's great that you had the courage to invite her!

Kristina said...


Thank you for being willing to pray for my family and our adoption. I am so amazed how God wants and does (if we let him) use us to encourage, love, lift up, and pray for others.

We do have to listen and be willing to serve. Thanks for this great reminder and I'm praying she comes to church!

Leah said...

You just never know how God used your willingness to speak to that woman. I'll be eager to know if she came to church. Even if she didn't I bet she really began thinking about the true meaning of Easter.

You blessed me, sister, with your obedience.