Tuesday, March 11, 2008

God Has Blessed Me!

Come join me in my new venture! I have been asked to write devotions for 2 Christian websites.

One is at Faith Lifts, where you will find me every other Wednesday. The other is at Writer....Interrupted, where you will find me the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Whenever it is posted on their website I will give you a link to it from my blog. I do hope you will join me on these days. Today they are both posting my first devotions and they are different. So I hope you will take a few extra minutes and stop by to read both.


I pray you will be blessed!

Click here to read at Faith Lifts and then click here to read at Writer....Interrupted!


Laurie Adams said...

CONGRATS! on your new writing assignments. I have looked at both of your devotions and WOW! both are very good, I look forward to read more....

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...


This is quite an honor! :)

Looking forward to reading what God impresses on you to share with us!


DeAnna said...

Congrats, Cheri!!! What a high honor. I can't wait to read them both!!!


DeAnna said...

Okay, it's me again. I loved the posts!!! I can't wait to read more from you. God is transforming you day by day, and it is great to watch - even if it is hundreds of miles away.

Amy Wyatt said...

These were awesome! Can't wait to read more. Congratulations.

Jenifer said...

Congrats, sister. God so totally blesses us when we are surrendered and obedient to Him. What an exciting adventure for you. Can't wait to hear more about how God uses and grows you!

Praying for you,

Amy Wyatt said...

Have I told you how proud I am of you?