Sunday, March 16, 2008

Singin' and Cryin'

My friend DeAnna at The Cox Connection posted her Sings my soul Saturday song.
It's the Hannah Montana song from this post.
The whole reason I bought Dallas that CD. I love it! Let's all make some noise girls! Go here to listen to it.
Hannah ROCK!!! :)
When you are done there, go here to see Leah at The Point and read a story she posted yesterday-- a great illustration of God's love for us.
I rocked out to one...and cried at the other!


kmom3 said...

Wow! Both of these were fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Cheri!
I hope you had a great weekend!

Amy Wyatt said...

Hey, I was waiting for you to find Deanna's post. She had called me early in the week to find out how to add the you tube to her post and said she was posting on Hannah Montana "Make Some Noise" and I knew you had just written about it. I was overwhelmed once again how God fits things together and knew her post would speak to you when you read it!! Isn't God cool that way?

Christina said...

ditto. Hannah Montana does rock. I think so too.

I will go check out the other posts your recommended right now. Thanks

Carol said...

Too cool! Great how God just works everything together!