Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Moment I Won't Forget

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Ecc. 3:11

Whenever I hear this verse I am taken back to the far corners of my mind, to that place where all my memories lie.

We lived in Georgia and one of me and Kyle's favorite things to do was to go check out new houses. The Atlanta suburbs are full of new construction. The kids didn't like this much because we could spend all day out there on the open road, stopping at any new subdivisions we came across.

We found one that was spectacular. Of course, the realtor was right there when we were getting the information on the houses out of the mailbox. We talked for a bit and then he wanted to show us this house that was only studded at that point. We looked at the house with him and then headed back out towards the car. As we were walking we were talking to this realtor and the whole time this was going on I could hear Dallas (our daughter) saying, "Mom...Mom...look at this!"

At this point I am getting really annoyed because I'm thinking how rude is this girl. Here I am trying to have a conversation with this man and she just keeps saying, "Mom..Mom...look at this!" So, I finally jerked my head around and in total irritation, hollered--"WHAT!!"

She had her hands cupped and with this huge smile on her face said, "Watch this."

Dallas opened up her hands and out flew this beautiful butterfly. It just fluttered around our faces for a few seconds and then flew off. It was breathtaking. I knew God had given that moment to me and Dallas. Something special for the two of us to share.

God does that, you know. Gives us special moments. Most of the time( like me) we don't take the time to notice them. I am so very glad that Dallas was persistent. And, I am so thankful that she is the type of person that "stops and smells the roses."

I learned some things that day.

-God gives us children to teach us how simple life can be......if we let it
-The Earth is filled with His glory!

I encourage all of you, myself included, to take a look around you and notice all the beauty that God has given us to our own free will. Take the time to breathe it in and take the time to tell Him thank you.


Carol said...

How beautiful! You are doing a great job with the blogging! You go girl! I miss your smiling face and blue eyes! Carol :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice Hon. I've really enjoyed reading everything you have written so far. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

OK! Just what I wanted to do is cry today. This was a beautiful story and I have been there myself. I dont stop and smell the roses as often as I should.
Thanks for the reminder!

Love Ya Sis!

Who's your Daddy said...

Now you got me teary eyed!

What a great bunch of women I surrounded myself with. Lucky me!


Chaena said...

Leave it to Dallas.
I miss you guys so much.
This is a beautiful story that definately has me crying.