Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Always learning something

I learned something tonight.

 If you have something nice to say you shouldn't wait to say it.

It took days but I finally caught them at home...so I thought.

A woman answers and I tell her good evening and hand the candle over wishing Merry Christmas. I tell her I'm wondering if she has a marine in the family that visited her about a year ago. She says no but the lady that lived here before passed away in March and she moved in in June.

I catch my breath this is not how I thought it would go. I tell her "oh, I wanted to come by and just tell her the story of something that touched my heart when that marine was here on this porch." I stand there collecting my thoughts. Saddened I hadn't come by before to tell the woman about her grandson. Not that it would've drastically changed the woman's life if I'd told her sooner but I bet it would've lifted her spirit. I bet it would've made her feel good, a little less lonely perhaps. But, she is gone now.

If you have something nice to say, say it.

So I wish Merry Christmas to the woman at the door again and tell her I pray the light of Christ warms her heart tonight.  She says thank you and as I turn to go I notice a tear in her eye. I think maybe she really needed this tonight and that is what I hope...but maybe she just noticed the tear in mine.

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