Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pressure and Time


Over millions of years and about 75 miles below the Earth’s surface, carbon under tremendous pressure transforms into a diamond. Now, while we don’t have millions of years to live here on Earth, God takes the time we do have to transform us into something beautiful.

Come join me today and read about our transformation!


Jenifer said...

Refine us Lord. Make us into the perfect image of Your precious Son. Help us to remember what the fire is for.

It's great to hear from you. Hope all is well.


LAURIE said...

A Wonderful word today. I have missed you on the blogging sphere, hope you are having a great summer! -Blessings, Laurie

Kimberly said...

Hey, Cheri!

When I got my computer back minus my old hard drive and was going through my links on my page to rebookmark everyone, I was baffled that I didn't have a link to you. I know I set one up a long time ago, but when I did it, I must not have hit the save button or something and just didn't notice! So that has been remedied! I cannot believe I haven't had a link to you for all of this time! I just always go to everyone's blog from my bookmarks, never from my blog. So sorry about that, friend!

Hope you are having a great summer!

Janet Roller said...

Good stuff today!

Carol said...

This was a great one! I'm proud of you!

Darlene said...

Just dropping by to say HI!
Hope your summer is going great!


Jenifer said...

Well howdy partner. How's it going in your neck of them there woods up yonder. Hope all is well. It was nice to hear from you today. I've missed you. Talk soon!


Mariel said...

Thank you for the reminder that great pressure brings about beautiful things!! I needed to hear that in my season of trials!
Your devotion is beautiful!

Joanne said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog last week. We have been on vacation, well, as much as Disneyland can be a vacation.

I pray you are having a blessed summer.

Blessings! Joanne

Laura said...

Hope you are having a nice summer. I check in periodically to see what's up and how God is working in your life. - Laura