Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What am I...


According to this means- inactive.

I have to confess. I have not been motivated to do much lately. I attend church on Sunday mornings but that's as far as it goes. I've never joined the church or any Sunday school class. I still, after a year, know no one at the church. I often wonder why that is. Why don't I reach out? Why do I always wait for someone to come to me?

I think for me the question is always, "Are we going to be moving again soon?" It is so hard to leave behind friends you've made from one place to the next. As if it's easier to remain alone so there's nothing to leave behind again. I think it's just time to not worry about it anymore. What will be will's time to move on!

I'm not sure what finally got the ball rolling but we are attending a " get to know the church if you want to join meeting" this Sunday. I am excited and can't wait to get involved.

Thanks for listening to me ramble about this. I am just so glad that we are finally doing something instead of living in the past.


LAURIE said...

cheri, GOOD FOR YOU! In my opinion there is no feeling like having a place to belong, a place to fellowship with like believers. I think there is great importance in belonging to a place of worship...not only to grow in God's Word but to be strengthened by fellow believers and be used of God. Even if it is for a short time because of having to relocate of the greatest advice we ever received many years ago was this...

"Bloom where you are planted"

In other words do all you can do in the time that you have in the place that God has placed you for this moment!

Hope you find the joy and calling that we can find in church membership. - God Bless, Laurie

Kimberly said...

There is a song that I have been listening to a LOT the past few days called "Moving Forward" by Free Chapel. I keep thinking I'll post it. Anyways, your post made me think of that song, about how you are moving forward with God. I'll be praying for you as you are following Him!
Blessings, sweet Cheri!

Deborah said...

Amen to the first comment! After many(way to many) years of 'just' membership we are now much more active in the church, and I can assure you that it is worth the effort. It's far better to take the risk of having to leave friends behind, than to not make friends where you are.
I hope you enjoy the meeting!

Dotwigg said...

Be encouraged that you are seeing this and thinking about it. Now you can pray and ask God to change your feelings and thinking and show you ways to reach out. I know how you feel, but go ahead and let those around you enjoy the blessing God created you to be and start building relationships, with the internet and a little effort you can keep the relationships fresh and intimate. We have been here 8 YEARS!!! and I can still hear the door of the uhaul truck closing. We have some friends but not many because we have lived as if the truck is on its way to pick us up.

Every day is a new day. Make the most of your dash :) the count down is on, you have 24 hours to show christ to as many people as you can in intimate and creative ways.

ocean mommy said...

I hear what your heart is saying here. You will be so blessed by those friends you are going to make..I'm praying right now that God would surround you and your husband with couples that will feel like family.

They need you as much as you need them!


Jenifer said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you dear friend! Bloom where you are planted!

Lots of love to ya!

Carol said...

Yahoo! Good for you. I'm proud of you! If you had never gotten involved in Hebron, you would never have met me. And we KNOW that would have been awful! LOL. I crack myself up.

LAURIE said...

thanks for commenting on my TT this week. I wonder if the song you heard about seasons changing is the Nicole Nordeman song...I posted it on my Then Sings my Soul Saturday this the song you were thinking of? -love Laurie

Anonymous said...

"What will be will is time to move on" Thank you for words of wisdom!

Peggy said...

Oh, Cheri...I'm so glad this had a happy ending!!! Good for you! I pray that you really went but if not DO go soon...and we'll be here when ya' get back wherever you are, wherever you may move...I love what Laurie said and I echo.
Amen...perhaps more bloggers have you more friendly advice but let us know...anytime how you are doing! God bless you & your new friends!!! Peggy

Anonymous said...

Hello Cheri,
I came across your blog through Deborahs and thought I would stop by. I enjoyed and related to your comments about church. We are in a similar place. Been going to this church for a while now but are not somehow fitting in. We are not sure what the Lord wants us to do as my husband is a teacher..and we could move too. But for now we will keep going. Bless you for opening your heart and sharing.
Drop by sometime to visit ar
hugs Sandra in New Zealand