Friday, April 12, 2013

Agree to Disagree

    Sometimes I don't always say things in a politically correct manner. Like last night during a small discussion on someones FB page about homosexuality. I was called heartless because I said I hope and pray my kids aren't gay. But, I also hope and pray my kids aren't drug addicts, alcoholics, or a gamet of other things. So I believe there to be no "discrimination" within the walls of my heart.

Dear Sir,

     If my kids came to me with any problem you would be a fool to think I would love them any less for ANY reason. You do not have kids yet so I don't expect you to understand the parental role. So I would like to explain something to you. I have every right to hope and pray my kids never have any extra struggles to deal with other than what life already has to offer. In fact, I see it as my job. The last few years I've had to deal with things I never dreamed would come my way. We are talking real pain, real suffering. Trust me when I say I know sometimes life sucks!

    I want you to know I have left a message with Chris Walker the guy in charge of the "letter to the editor" portion of the Emporia Gazette. I left a message for him saying I would like to write in a response to Joel Wessel's piece about "perversion". I told him I want to be polite and respectful in doing so and I also wanted to add some hotline numbers for those who might be in need of immediate assistance. I also asked what the guidelines were for writing in but I have not gotten a call back. I did it just as I told you I would. I am a woman of my word and regardless of what you think of my heart or lack there of, I ache for ANYONE who is hurting.

    I believe every human being was made for a purpose. I believe every human being is valuable to our world. I believe every human being is worthy of all good things. I believe the world is full of pain and sorrow. I believe people live in deep dark pits all alone searching for light. I believe if we as individuals don't start reaching down into that pit and lifting people up, this world will only grow darker and people more retched.

    I do not believe it is the job of the newspaper editor nor the job of the news anchor, unless on personal time if they so choose. I believe it's your job and it's mine.

    Best wishes to you and yours, Cheri Nace

                                                              HOTLINE NUMBERS

GLBT   1-800-850-8078


SUICIDE PREVENTION    1-800-273-8255

HOMELESS/RUNAWAY   1-800-231-6946

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE   1-800-799-7233



MENTAL HEALTH   1-800-447-4474


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Anonymous said...

Right on Sis! I love you and you are beautiful inside and out!